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Our Story

With more than 55 years of combined experience in Canada’s resource sector, the team behind Stream Source recognizes the need to better understand the history of Indigenous people in this country and the inclusion of Indigenous peoples in resource and energy developments as much of the development is happening in and around these communities. We also recognize that the business community is increasingly aware of the role responsible business practices can play in fostering stability for communities and business alike.

Today, the duty to consult and accommodate with Indigenous peoples arises when the Crown (Industry) contemplates actions or decisions that may affect an Indigenous person’s Treaty rights. This duty arises most often in the context of natural resource extraction such as mining, forestry, oil, and gas. In Canada, almost every project resource being contemplated is on or near the traditional lands of a First Nation; therefore, there is a legal obligation to engage and consult with the impacted community. It’s also becoming increasing clear that Indigenous people, who make up the fastest-growing segment of Canada’s labour force – with a sizable under 25 population, represent a large talent pool of skilled workers necessary for economic growth.

With this knowledge, strong community relationships and a solid infrastructure, Stream Source is setting new benchmarks and good practice standards across the scope of Indigenous employment. Collaboration is at the core of what we do and this alliance gives us the flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse stakeholders.

In this competitive environment, employers who attract and retain a diverse workforce will be well-positioned to cope with the changing demographic make-up of the Canadian labour market.

To strengthen our expertise and bridge the gap between Indigenous workers and corporate Canada with employment opportunities, we have partnered with Saskana Staffing, a local First Nation and Metis-owned and operated staffing expert in Northern Alberta.