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We combine our consultative process with client-specific strategies to find the right-fit talent aligned with your corporate culture and business demands. Looking to onboard new talent? Complete the form below and let us know more about your request.

NOTE: We do not accept candidate applications via the contact form. Please visit our Job Board to apply!

As with all employees, hiring is based on skill, merit, and requirements. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Stream Source uses its expertise to help you discover the right-fit candidates for your organization. We conduct our searches for eligible candidates proactively through a combination of promotion, advertising, and social media. This strategy is important for developing and lets us develop diverse connections.

We emphasize the provision of choice and flexibility for our clients and allow them to use as much or as little as needed to address their resourcing needs. We ensure client satisfaction through the most integral means possible, incorporating complete transparency through all systems and corresponding reports.

We have a strong pedigree of recruiters and consultants who are integrated into local and Indigenous communities in the locations we operate. Our strong foundation of relationships throughout traditional territories helps us find new avenues of sourcing for our clients.

We employ activities such as generating word-of-mouth, connecting with associations such as NAABA, INAC, FNMI Education, Aboriginal HR Council offices, ASETS, and local band offices, and incorporating cultural awareness into every communication.

To ensure that Indigenous community members are included in each opportunity, Stream Source embraces a hiring policy with the best efforts to hire qualified members that adhere to the following hierarchy:

  • 1st opportunity – Local Community Members
  • 2nd opportunity – Regional Community Members
  • 3rd opportunity – National Community Members
  • 4th opportunity – other available resources
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