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Contractor Workforce Management

We realize that finding the right people for you is only the beginning. It is our ability to manage the full contract lifecycle on your behalf that makes the difference in helping you mitigate risks, streamline processes and reduce costs.

Our Approach to Contractor Workforce Management

We look at contractor workforce management as a transparent and enterprise-wide solution, and stay up-to-date with the changing regulatory landscape to ensure best practices. We offer a full scope of job family functions across all contractor types, from independent contractors and sole proprietors to T4 payrolled contractors.

Oil & gas worker checking equipment, wearing orange coveralls and a white hardhat

Our Practices

For employers and candidates, our approach is built on the following practices:

Including the provision of expertise, capability, and qualified resources to companies.

With our clients and community to successfully expand our group of companies, organizations and community involvement further into diverse industries and job families.

As well as assisting business development, building individual capacity, and enhancing community relations.

To set up, execute, and complete sourcing and workforce strategies.

To implement industry-approved processes in efforts to help strengthen the management capabilities and reduce financial risk regarding all work performed.

To help develop skills in all prospective employees.