Edmonton (Head Office)
10012 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB

About Us

Stream Source creates Indigenous and women-owned recruitment and contractor management ventures that reinvest in local Nations. We equip Indigenous people with jobs, opportunities and facilitate training in diverse sectors of the economy. Stream Source is able to offer a healthy and balanced Indigenous Procured solution to the growing demand of the economy that is founded in transparency, integrity and collaboration.

Stream Source’s mission is to secure long-term sustainable employment for Indigenous people; trades people and Indigenous businesses in a manner that is based on mutual trust, common understanding and open dialogue. The company specializes in a wide range of workforce solutions to our clients including recruitment services, contractor management and payroll services.

Stream Source remains committed to support employment and business opportunities with local and Indigenous stakeholders in several of Canada’s communities. These commitments include working with client contractors to support the development of local and Indigenous subcontracting and employment programs that align with Stream Source’s Indigenous Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Policies.

Stream Source operates offices in Edmonton and Calgary and is actively working with top employers and talent across Canada. Stream Source is setting new benchmarks and good practice standards across the scope of Indigenous employment.

Our Partner

BOWEN Group, in partnership with Saskana, founded Stream Source in 2017 to celebrate diversity and encourage inclusion; not only as a social imperative, but because it is a sound business strategy. In October 2021, Agilus acquired BOWEN Group – including its minority ownership stake in Stream Source – and is now the primary operator of Stream Source. 

Like BOWEN, Agilus brings over four decades of staffing experience to Stream Source. Agilus is Canada’s largest privately-owned, full-service recruitment company, and a Platinum member of Deloitte’s Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for 22 consecutive years. Since 1976 Agilus (formerly Design Group Staffing Inc. or DGSI) has been headquartered in Edmonton, AB. Operating 14 nationwide offices from Victoria to Halifax, Agilus takes the lead in recruitment and staffing for Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Office Professionals and Light Industrial – among many other working industries. Visit agilus.ca to learn more.