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Across the country, employers are realizing the importance of building strategic partnerships and integrating Indigenous Peoples into their skilled workforces. Stream Source offers our client’s the support and guidance to develop workforce strategies that address this need. For many, the Indigenous hiring initiative is important and more and more project bids include requirements to engage an Indigenous workforce.

Recruitment Services

The combination of industry expertise, matching experience and the ability to bring the personal touch to relationship-building and candidate identification ensures you get the right-fit candidate for your organization. Through its experienced partners, Stream Source has a solid grasp of the requirements to operate with local and Aboriginal stakeholders in local communities. We have a strong pedigree of recruiters and consultants who are integrated in local and Indigenous communities in the locations we operate and we leverage these existing relationships to find new avenue of sourcing for our clients. Our Partnership approach brings 55 years of proven experience building loyalty and trust within the First Nation and Metis communities across Alberta. Our strategy to recruit, employee and retain qualified local Indigenous employees is to leverage the strong reputation we’ve earned as a reliable resource for the local and local aboriginal community and continue to nurture the long-term relationships we’ve established throughout these traditional territories.

We will employ activities such as generating word-of-mouth, connecting with associations such as NAABA, INAC, FNMI Education, Aboriginal HR Council offices, ASETS, and local band offices, and incorporating cultural awareness into every communication.

For employers and candidates, our approach is built on the following established best practices:

  • Full circle recruitment services including support to companies and hiring manager to build culturally sensitive and responsive workplaces
  • Work collaboratively with our clients and community to successfully expand our group of companies, organization and community involvement further into diverse industries and job families
  • Commit to increasing Indigenous employment, assisting business development, building individual capacity and enhancing community relations
  • Share expertise, capability and qualified resources to set up, execute and complete sourcing and workforce strategies
  • Provide the support required to implement industry approved processes in efforts to help strengthen the management capabilities and reduce financial risk regarding all work performed
  • To provide the expertise, capability, and qualified resources to execute these “new” projects

As with all employees, hiring is based on need, skill and merit. In keeping, Stream Source offers training facilitation to help develop skills in all prospective employees, with a personal empowerment component for those individuals that join the team.

To ensure Indigenous community members are included in each opportunity, Stream Source embraces a hiring policy with best efforts to hire qualified Indigenous Community members that adheres to the following hierarchy:

  • 1st opportunity – Local Community Members
  • 2nd opportunity – Regional Community Members
  • 3rd opportunity – National Community Members
  • 4th opportunity – other available resources

Contractor Lifecycle Management

While many organization address contractor management as either a job-family-specific or classification-specific solution, Stream Source’s approach is to look at it as a transparent, enterprise-wide solution. We support and serve a full scope of job family functions across all contractor types, from independent contractors to sole proprietors to T4 payrolled contractors. At Stream Source, we realize that finding great people is only the beginning, it is our ability to manage the full contract lifecycle on your behalf that makes the difference helping to mitigate risks, streamline processes and reduce costs. We stay current with the changing regulatory landscape so you don’t have too. From procurement to payment, Stream Source’s contractor management service is an arms-length relationship that protects your business. Stream Source is setting new benchmarks and good practice standards across the scope of Indigenous employment.

Payroll Management Services

Whether you’ve already hired the talent you need, or you’re looking for a partner to source contractors for you, Stream Source helps formalize the business relationship between the firm and the individual by providing complete payroll services. Serving as part of a robust recruitment and workforce planning strategy, this approach can go a long way towards reducing overall costs per hire and increasing overall new hire performance. Managing your work is business-critical but managing the payment of your project workforce isn’t.
We offer complete end-to-end payment and administration solutions that include:

  • Time and expense management;
  • Payment processing including source deductions, government remittances and issuance of T4s;
  • Insurance coverage and WCB claim management;
  • Contractor Group Benefits program administration;
  • Ongoing management of contract changes, expiry and renewal; and
  • Contract termination/closure.

Stream Source’s team provides fully managed non-employee payroll services across Canada. Our teams are experienced in ensuring tax compliance across all governing bodies, we have the experience and resources to ensure compliance and risks are reviewed and mitigated in every transaction.