Calgary (Head Office)
#790, 602 - 12 Ave SW Calgary

Leadership Team

Jeffrey Bowen
Suite 700, 602 – 12 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2R 1J3
(403) 705-4354
As the President of Stream Source, Jeffrey leads the company’s commitment to securing long-term sustainable employment for Indigenous people and businesses. With a career that spans almost 20 years, Jeffrey brings considerable experience to Stream Source’s recruitment, contractor management and payroll service operations.

Since joining the organization, Jeffrey has been instrumental in the success of the organization’s continued growth. Jeffrey leads the company’s service and solution plans, and oversees all aspects of the organization, from community and client relations to employee program development. Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems from the DeVry Institute of Technology.

Maurino Pacheco
Director, Indigenous Solutions
Suite 700, 602 – 12 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2R 1J3
(403) 705-4354
As Director, Indigenous Solutions, Maurino Pacheco works closely with our clients throughout the journey to design and implement comprehensive contingent workforce management solutions that bring optimal ROI to the organization. With more than 30 years of diverse sales and marketing experience, across numerous sectors including oil & gas, airline, manufacturing, and commercial retail, Maurino brings a ensures Stream Source’s solutions meet the highest standards of quality.

For the past 10 years, Maurino has focused his attention on working with many of Canada’s fortune 500 companies to assist them in optimizing spend, savings, visibility and compliance with the goal of creating sustainable programs that realize significant results. He brings a wide breadth of experience and knowledge to the Stream Source team in recruiting and sourcing for indigenous talent, with his far-reaching network, and his genuine attention to the client’s best interest.

Sean Mooney
Sean is the President and CEO of the Major Projects Group Canada Inc. (MPG) which operates as the economic arm of the ZII Metis Nation of Alberta Regional Council, Poundmaker Cree Nation and Duncan’s First nation providing General Contracting Solutions to help communities we work with to achieve a fair and balanced stream of own source revenue.

Sean has 19 years of experience in heavy industrial, commercial and energy construction projects. Has worked in various industries and countries, and participated in numerous successful projects, both domestic and international. As the President and CEO of MPG, Sean lead’s the company’s efforts to provide significant training, education and economic benefit to local communities and the Indigenous Nation to secure long term sustainable employment.

Karen Collins
Karen Collins has dedicated her life to participating in and helping the Metis Community. She has lived at the Elizabeth Metis Settlement since 1995 with her sons, Usini and Owen and is currently Zone 2 Regional Council President of the Metis Nation of Alberta.

She has served on the Metis Nation of Alberta affiliates Board of Directors for Apeetogosam (Metis) Development; Metis Crossing; August Collins Building; and Rupertsland Institute Board of Governors. On behalf of the Metis in Alberta, she has served as the Minister of Economic Development for 2 terms and the Minister of Education, Training and Research for 2 terms.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in representing the Metis community in the oil, gas, and service industries and advocating membership involvement in various Boards, committees, and tables that require Metis perspective. Her ongoing relationship with the Major Projects Group Canada Inc. (MPG) has helped to secure many partnerships resulting in direct Metis involvement in projects operating in her Region, thus promoting promising economic growth for the Metis Nation.