Edmonton (Head Office)
10012 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our goal is to establish healthy community relations and stimulate economic growth by engaging businesses and individuals located in the areas that our clients operate in. To ensure we actively contribute to a fair and balanced shift of economic development to the Indigenous economy, we:

  • Comply with national, provincial and local safety regulations to develop, promote and implement documented comprehensive plans, regulations, procedures and programs to ensure the continuing safety and welfare of all personnel, property and equipment involved to carry out the successful execution of each respective project.
  • Ensure the integrity of the data processed through the systems and corresponding reports used to illustrate the findings and predictions being made internally or externally is considered the highest priority.
  • Monitor and report all leading indicators as we collaborate to ensure all projects are executed in the most cost effective and prompt method allowed.
  • Promote and implement a disciplined approach to execute, monitor and manage projects as the common culture all employees strive to achieve.
  • Ensure client satisfaction is achieved through the most integral means possible, ultimately relying on “Total Transparency” through all systems and corresponding reports.
  • Actively participate to instill a genuine Business Relationship that benefits the Community and our Client.

We partner with Indigenous communities to establish healthy, sustainable and meaningful opportunities within the Community.

  • Employment: yield best efforts to hire qualified Indigenous members from the home community and other communities concentrating not only on numbers but ensuring we broaden the type of employment offered to the community members as well as ensuring this measured success is rewarded with the opportunity for advancement.
  • Individual Capacity Development: provide individual access to training, education and professional development initiatives and establish ongoing relationships with Indigenous educators and college.
  • Community Relations: maintain community involvement and investment leading to significant organizational and community partnerships.